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For BGP-EVPN based Fabrics:
Developed custom single pane looking glass applications that automates the monitoring commands to provide a “single click” critical information dashboard regarding BGP-EVPN L2 MAC Routing, VXLAN, ISIS and general Overlay/Underlay performance plus other critical operational information on Cisco Nexus 9000 based EVPN Clos Spine/Leaf based architecture.

A second application was built for a LI Banking Client’s HP Aruba based FAT Spine core switch architecture. CLI and REST commands can be used as well directly form the single pane dashboard view.

The applications were built utilizing Python 3.8 for base, NetMiko library for networking and the GUI framework library from PySimpleGUI. I utilized the PyCharm development IDE for development and debugging. The resulting interpreted applications were “complied” using PyInstaller.
The EVPN based application can be used for any Cisco 9000 EVPN solution utilizing ISIS as the Underlay
The LI BANK application was deployed to compliment the client’s Solarwinds NMS, SD-WAN, HCI and data center switch management tools.
Additional functionality or changes can be applied to the application easily using the opensource libraries available.
Source code can be obtained at Github
GNS3 BGP EVPN lab to test application can be obtained at GNS3 LABS
Pysimple GUI Project
Pysimple GUI Manual