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Production version of application for NOC dashboard use
Various prototype iterations of the application's appearance  prior dashboard integration
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A DevOps application for a client to track the BGP peering status of critical financial services vendor partner peer links.


Utilizes RESTful API BGP calls to the devices for peering status.

The application is Python based utilizing various RESTful API and JSON libraries for the for formatting prior presenting to the NOC user. It was prototyped and tested using Swagger for ArubaOS-CX as well as Postman for returned data set validation.

This is small and simple version of the application that is a hard coded to point to specific BGP devices.

There is limited error correction and it is a non-HTTPS cookie version using a single SSH based single login. 

A GUI version will be available soon as frameworks are evaluated and that version will apply improved error correction, adding additional peer features and the use of  REST cookies for secure single sign on use.  Both GUI/Text versions can be “compiled” for use as a single executable file.

Source code for the project for your own use can be obtained at Github