Applied Methodologies has been offering technology based consultation services to over 400 different small, medium sized and Fortune 500/1000 commercial and non-profit organizations since 1995.

What separates us from other consulting firms is our unique approach to solving business and technical problems with a structured process.

We understand the history and future of Computer Science and Information Technology to a point where we can apply our structured process around any business or technical issue and generate premium results. Our clients expect quality not mediocrity and our methodologies apply quality at every stage.

The use of proven methodologies provide us the ability to meet our client’s requirements efficiently. By applying proven methods to different technologies enable us to offer reliable and consistent services to our clients without having to become an expert in every facet of Computer Science and Technology. This approach in itself provides the client a high level of results without the increased diverse cost of specialization. This approach also prevents us from becoming product heavy. There is an industry axiom for that many firms become product driven and eventually apply the same product to every customer problem.

Our approach to solving problems is based on relationships and characteristics of a specific business problem and/or technology. We understand our client s problem first then determine what is the best approach to use on this problem. If our approach relies on certain products, we can granulize to our specific expertise or recommend the proper expert. Our methodologies and approaches are very structured to ensure all requirements and details of a client’s needs are identified and met.

Our clientele

Our clientele is diverse yet very discriminating when it comes to their business needs. They expect only the top industry professionals to manage their systems and solve problems. It is our commitment to quality and knowledge that keeps our clients satisfied and successful in their respective organizations.     Some of our clients over the years:

First National Bank of Long Island - Montefiore Medical IT - Albert Einstein College of Medicine - Columbia University - Dell - Arizona State University - Aetna - US Department of Energy SRNL - Verizon - AT&T - Hershey's - Bank of Smithtown - Consolidated Edison - New York Life  Canon USA - Chase Bank - Phillip Morris - MCI International - Tender Loving Care - Chase Auto Finance - NAB Construction - Sanwa Bank - Dai Ichi Kangyo Bank - Lehman Brothers - Smith Barney - Swiss Re. - St. Paul Re. - Bankers Trust - IRS Bank Julius Bear - IBM Japan - IBM ISSC - AT&T Solutions  - Adept Technologies - Mycroft - Netstream - Sanofi Winthrop - Pfizer Pharmaceuticals - Alexander & Alexander Consulting - AMAX - The Bronx Health Plan - Colgate - Times Mirror - State of Connecticut Treasury - State of Connecticut Judicial - Legal Aid Society-  Time Warner Inc. - Beth Israel Hospital - Memorial Sloan Kettering - Network Chemistry - Baseband Technologies - Volt

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